Strategic Approach

A new source of energy for Asia and PNG

PEAK’s aim is to commercialise the production of oil and gas from our New Ireland Basin project.

Markets hungry for energy from this area include Asia (China, Japan and South Korea) and PNG. > Investors: Key Attractions

Our exploration program is well advanced. In 2017, we identified a giant carbonate slope reservoir play. In 2023, we confirmed play identification and prospect delineation of the Exotica North Gas Prospect. Risked Prospective Resource Estimates suggest this is a world-class prospect ranking alongside top-tier petroleum assets in Papua New Guinea such as PNGLNG and PapuaLNG.
> Exotica North Gas Prospect: Findings

The next step in exploration of the giant carbonate slope reservoir is seismic mapping (possibly 3D) to delineate the full extent of the anticlinal structure before exploratory drilling.